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Link to a folder using LTI / External Tool in LMS

We're wanting to link to a folder (other than the auto-provisioned folder) in Moodle using the Panopto LTI activity. Right now, the LTI allows users to "Select Content" but they can only select a video. We'd like to be able to do the same thing with a folder.

Doing this would solve issues we're having with classroom capture. Right now when a user wants to post a video from their classroom capture, they won't be able to easily find it because the auto-provisioned folder is the Moodle course folder. We don't want to conflate these folders and many folks would like to have a single simple link to their classroom capture folder.

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    Are you talking about adding a folder of existing content and either copying it or displaying it within the existing LTI folder? Interesting idea.

    But why would your users not want to record to the course folder or copy/move the content there?

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    David HowardDavid Howard Crackerjack

    Hey Charles, thanks for asking a clarifying question!

    Right now, if I add an LTI activity in my course and don't specify any content, I get a very clean view of the Provisioned Folder. It doesn't show the left-hand navigation nor do you see a bunch of controls at the top of the pane.

    If I create an LTI activity and "Select Content," I can get an easy link to a single specific video. But I cannot select a folder. So there is no way to get a link to a simple streamlined view of a folder that isn't the Provisioned Folder.

    Why would I want that? Well, we have a bunch of classrooms being captured and we have set up a folder structure for the scheduled recordings to go into. Our faculty don't have to do anything to start or stop the recordings and they don't have to specify the destination. This folder structure is distinct from the set of provisioned folders. For those faculty who both use Moodle and have classroom capture, I would love it if I could create a link to a clean view of the classroom capture folder.

    I can imagine other uses where you want your students to see a folder. And you can create links to folders, but 1) it isn't in the same way as you create links to videos and 2) the resulting view has the left-side navigation and the top set of controls, so it isn't a clean experience for either the faculty or the students.

    You are correct that faculty could move the classroom capture folder into their provisioned folder. But they still can't have a simple link that takes students just to that subfolder of the provisioned folder.

    It just seems to me that when I am asked to "Select Content," I should be able to select a folder if I want to.

    Thanks, David

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    Ah. That makes sense. When we schedule recordings on Remote Recorders, we usually put the recordings directly in the LMS course folder (Sakai in our case).

    We figured out we could display non-LTI Panopto folders in Sakai using a Web Content Link. Instructions we created are here. How to share a Panopto folder as a Web Content link in Sakai I'm not familiar with Moodle, but I would imagine something similar is possible.

    This does create some confusion because now there are two tools which contain video content and it's not as elegant as embedding a non-LTI folder, but it has been useful.

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    David HowardDavid Howard Crackerjack

    Thanks for the link, Charles. We've been working on something similar for our folks. Just trying to find a way that's a bit cleaner. :)

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    Yeah. Your idea is certainly a good one.

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