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Anonymous video submission for student peer review

Hi Panopto Community!

I'm interested if anyone has any clever ideas for how to have students submit a video assignment so their peers can review their work, with the video submission remaining anonymous (to the marking students)? The actual marking anonymous peer marking can be handled by the Moodle Workshop activity (where ideally the student would past in the URL of their upload video).

The issue is that students can all see who uploaded the video assignment (by going to Details, which display the video owner). A workaround is that the owner could be reassigned HOWEVER, this can only be done by an admin (not a normal teacher role) and also one-by-one.

Any suggestions welcome!


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    We use Canvas as our LMS, but if the students are able to access the LTI embed tool then they would be able to embed the video and turn off Interactivity within the embedded location. They would also want to turn off the "Open in Panopto" option.

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    Thanks Michael - I think that route should probably work for us too. I'll give it a test 😀

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    I will note that an adventurous student could figure it out. If they are able to get to the full player it will have all of the attributes available. I have a feature request open with Panopto, and said feature request would be perfect for your use case here. The request is to expand the LTI embed feature to only provide access to view in the moment as an option in addition to the current workflow where access is granted implicitly. I requested that there is a checkbox to toggle between JiT access and implicit access. This is under FR-4460 if you wanted to bring that up with your CSM.

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    Hmmm... I'm not so sure an embed with work with Computer Science students (it's pretty easy to get access to the full player like you say). I'm also hampered by Moodle stripping out iframes from student text submissions (I appreciate this is nothing to do with Panopto, but certainly a limitation for us!).

    Also, I think that the if the permissions are such that other students can view each others, then they can also see all when they submit.

    A "Hide details" option would really fix everything!

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