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Update course groups when a user meets a "Request Access" page

Michael EspeyMichael Espey Superstar
edited May 2021 in Feature Requests

We have the setting on in our integration with Canvas "Sync permissions for this provider on Sign-in from other providers" and I believe that, in addition to the current functionality, the feature should check for permissions when a user reaches the "Request Access" page for a session. When a situation comes up where that page would be presented Panopto should sync permissions for that course group before prompting the user to request access.

We are running into a situation with some courses where students were logged into Panopto prior to registering for the course (and are still logged in) so we either need them to log out and back in or bump the course level integration.

Having a button to sync course groups would also work but this seems like a task that should be automated.

When the functionality comes into play, it seems to be working really well, but I think this additional action should invoke the process to cover more use cases.

Thank you,


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    Hi Michael,

    I believe we have had Panopto Support activate this type of setting in the backend. This may exist already. I would suggest creating a ticket and they can enable a 'force permissions sync' on their end. The behaviour works as mentioned- before a user is faced with a 'request access' page, Panopto will automatically attempt to sync their permissions across all identity providers.

    Hope this is helpful!

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    Why is this a hidden/secret feature that requires a support ticket? Why not have it be a setting that is ideally on by default?
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    This is indeed a "Super Admin" setting available to Panopto Support. I am still waiting on details about what this change might do for us and if there are any risks, but I wanted to close the loop that this is available, and if you'd like it on, reach out to support.

    It seems like this was maybe a purpose-built thing developed with a narrow scope as there wasn't any information readily available.

    A huge thank you to @Darren Richards for pointing this out!

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