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Stop truncating long lists of sub-folders

In any folder with many sub-folders it is impossible to see a list of all the sub-folders. It appears to truncate the list after 100 even when I click "Show all".

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We fixed the limitation of restricting show all to 100 in our 11.3 release.


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    100%. This should be handled as a bug rather than a feature request.
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    Indeed, it is a bug I'm just trying to get some more momentum behind fixing it. Thanks for the up vote! :-)

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    A view like the "Column" view in macOS finder would be perfect instead of the toggles that are found in the "browse" interface as it currently exists. Navigating folders in Panopto is...difficult...once you get beyond a handful. I've started being more deliberate about organization when training folks, but we have a ton of users who just give up and use their My Folder for everything because at least they can find that button. You are always going to have that to some level, but I've had too many people say that they flat out didn't know that their course folder existed or they couldn't figure out where it went. If they only need to access the course through the LMS folder, that is great, but if there isn't a course associated, it gets tricky.

    Subscriptions will help, but that isn't the answer. There needs to be like a "favorite folders" or "recent folders" menu. My vote is to drop "Everything" as it exists now and replace that with an expanded "Browse" interface using a column view.

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    Elba RiosElba Rios Whiz Kid

    I agree. Also, I would drop "everything". It's too confusing for faculty -- they don't understand the difference between "everything and home".

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    Amen brothers and sisters, "Everything" is terrible and terribly confusing. Panopto isn't YouTube and it shouldn't aspire to be. They really need to stop sending people to Everything from the desktop app. I really like the idea of having columned navigation. Even a menu link to My Folders would help.

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    I do want to make sure that admins and videographers still have an Everything view. Faculty and Students likely don't need it but I'm not sure I could do my job without it.

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    @Charles Barbour I do agree, I need Everything, it shouldn't be a default view for regular users of the system.

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    I can see how the Everything view is helpful in some ways, in fact, I use it essentially every day. That being said, I think I would see more benefit if instead of a list of 300,000 videos, it was a better navigation interface with some filters and the like.

    Maybe "Everything" as we know it should transition to an admin interface with more filters (content type, parent folder, caption status, owner, viewer, contributor, quiz, YouTube, sharing level, etc.) and some export-to-csv options for that filtered list of everything?

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    Elba RiosElba Rios Whiz Kid
    “Yes” to Everything for admins and videographers. “No” to everything for everyone else.
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    There is a feature request in here all about the Everything menu. It was posted in April 2020.

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    I often feel like making a request here is about as useful as writing the request on a slip of paper, burning it, then scattering the ashes in the wind during a full moon.

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    It's a step up from the black hole that is zoom.us/feed

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    I think Panopto struggles with a lack of resources, not a lack of desire.

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @Charles Barbour Thanks so much to you and to everyone who posts feature requests and honest feedback. We definitely look at these requests, even if we don't always comment. The requests are regularly reviewed and do certainly impact the roadmap of features we plan to build next. Please upvote the features that are most important to you!

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    Paul DouglasPaul Douglas Crackerjack

    OMG yes!!

    And the ability to turn off Everything and/or Home would be a bonus!

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    This weekend I had a faculty member assume Everything meant "everything in Panopto" because she saw other people's content.

    One of her students reported she also had an Everything tab and that caused a level 5 panic.

    I had to explain Everything in Panopto is like All Mail in Gmail. You can't actually see ALL THE MAIL WHICH EXISTS IN GMAIL.

    Everything is awful for anyone besides a Videographer or an Admin.

    Perhaps worse yet, there's no place a user can just see all of content they have made or own.

    Faculty: "How can I see all the videos I own anywhere in Panopto?"

    Me: "You can't."

    Faculty: "It seems it should be obvious people would want to do that."

    Me: "You would certainly think so..."

    Faculty: "Well how do I transfer ownership of a video to another person?"

    Me: "That sound you hear is me banging my head..."

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    After giving some thought as to which features faculty/students need or want but are missing, I came up with the following:

    • An easy way to see all the folders to which they have access
      • Possibly a separate list of folders where they have creator rights
    • A way to favorite folders for easier access
    • A way to see all the content they own

    None of those seem hard or surprising, yet there's no way to do any of them. Why?

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