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Course Export across Canvas Instances with videos added via LTI

We have a single Panopto account shared across multiple Canvas instances.

We have been trying to leverage the "Panopto Button" within Canvas to add videos using the LTI, rather than iframe.

We've noticed that when courses are exported and shared to the other instance, all of the Panopto links added this way seem to break. Assuming we want to leverage the LTI, has anyone found a way to share courses across Canvas instances without re-doing every Panopto link.

Thank you in advance.



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    Commons might be able to provide this functionality, but even that is a stretch, and I haven't tried this across Canvas instances which is where things get tricky. Going between Canvas instances is going to break a number of things that there probably aren't provisions for. I know for a fact that manual export/import isn't going to work because the LTI ID is going to change, rather, the imported course would be trying to access an LTI that it isn't entitled to use (because it is in another Canvas account).

    I'd be curious if Canvas could provide your instances access to the other Panopto LTIs you have installed across the board, that way they can at least access the embedded content.

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