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Panopto folder rename is triggered by moodle course rename

Can the folder rename functionality be triggered by the course name change in moodle. In the latest block code, there is a link that allows moodle to inform the panopto server of course name changes and then changes the folder name on the panopto server. This is useful but staff are able to change the name of their courses and this can cause confusion if the name change has not been synced to Panopto, as the link to sync the name changes is an admin only function we don't know that a member of staff has changed their course name to trigger the name change sync. 

Could the change of the moodle course name trigger a api call to update the panopto folder name or as another option can a scheduled task be created so that the name sync can be run on a schedule. 

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    Dave HannanDave Hannan Administrator

    @James Pearce - This should be possible now with the latest version of the Moodle Block. Thanks for posting! -Dave


    • Update all Panopto folder names
      • If the name of the Moodle course has changed since it was originally provisioned, this process will rename any Panopto folders provisioned to a Moodle course. Once this has been run, this process can not be undone. This process may take a while if you have a large number of courses. To avoid a timeout in your browser, you may want to run this using the command line. To do so, connect to your Moodle environment and run the following command from the /lib/cli directory:  php -f rename_all_folders_cli.php  If you have any questions about this, please contact Panopto Support. 

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    @Dave Hannan I've installed checked the latest block code unless I'm missing something it isn't doing the folder rename exactly the way I was proposing. Currently you have to go to the block admin screen and run the 'Update all Panopto folder names' command. What I was proposing was that a folder rename is done when a moodle course fullname is updated. This would mean course and folder names are always in sync. Then current system means that the moodle courses can be named differently to the panopto folder until the update command is run. As you said that process can take a long time and potentially time out. My proposal would mean that only one folder name would be changed at a time meaning less load on both the Moodle and Panopto servers.

    We have developed a moodle plugin that does this via the API but it would be better to be part of the core block functionality.

    Could this feature request please be re-opened and considered again at all.



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