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How do you organize your course content and provision your courses?

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We're looking at moving towards master template courses in our LMS. Currently, we provision each course section with a Panopto folder for the instructor who is teaching that particular section.

Does anyone have experience with organizing Panopto content for master shells? We're looking at how we can create a folder for the master template that contains "evergreen" content, and a folder specifically for the instructor who is teaching that course section. Would love to know how other organizations work with organizing content that is evergreen, while still allow the facilitator to include their own content.

Thank you!

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    If our teachers want to upload a class recording, tutorial or other video resource that is specific to only their group, they upload to the relevant course folder. They embed the video the same way but the source video lives in the specific course folder instead.

    In the rare event that that specific video is needed elsewhere, it can be copied (as an embedded video reference) to another course and students get their permissions automatically.

    So to summarise: generic videos live in generic folders and specific videos live in specific folder. In all cases, the embedding or (copying of embedded video references) creates necessary permissions for the particular students.

    At times when another teacher needs Creator rights as well as the owner, the owner drops the video into a sub folder and the sub folder share settings are set to allow the other Teacher Creator access.


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    Hi Jacob,

    If I understand your question correctly, they way we do this may be of interest to you. We don't use Blackboard but I believe you could follow a similar or the same method.

    We think of a course folder as a place to upload and store video content but not the place to deliver it from. While our videos do live in a 'master course' folder, they are embedded into an organised collection of course areas (sections) along with other course content.

    When that content (and embedded video references) are copied to the real courses, all the teachers and students automatically get assigned the correct permissions (via our SIS plugin) even though the videos themselves still live in a centralised folder that those same users don't actually have permissions for. In essence, permissions are based on embedded video references not access to folders

    I hope this helps you.

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    Thanks @Paul Douglas! This is exactly what I was looking for. Just one follow-up question, if the instructors would like to create a new video with Panopto, what folder do they use to include it in the "real courses?"

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