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Poll: Do you use Panopto mainly as an integration or as a standalone product?

Hi all,

I've had this question burning in my mind for some time now... please take a moment to share how you use the platform. I'm super-curious due to some of the changes and updates that are happening.

Just to clarify my question:

Do you mainly use Panopto:

  • integrated via your LMS; or
  • as a platform in purely in its own right without any integration to other systems?

If you use it both ways, which way do you see as the priority in terms of up-coming features and upgrades?


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    Elba RiosElba Rios Whiz Kid

    @Paul Douglas , at our institution Panopto is integrated with our LMS, Canvas. However, people have access to the Panopto cloud. So depending how they want to use Panopto, people can take a shortcut and go directly to the cloud, especially for managing sessions. However, for embedding videos, and even recording sessions for a course, faculty access Panopto in Canvas.

    Definitely, LMS features are always a priority.

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    Paul DouglasPaul Douglas Crackerjack

    Thanks @Elba Rios. We are literally a mirror image of that except we have Brightspace.

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    Same here. It's mainly used in Sakai (and Canvas as we begin our migration to it), but people can log into Panopto directly and use it as a private YouTube.

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    Jeffrey RiesJeffrey Ries Crackerjack

    Panopto is our ACADEMIC lecture capture, video upload, and streaming solution that is integrated with Blackboard (Bb) Learn. So most of the use of Panopto is via Bb Learn; however there is some use outside of Bb Learn utilization. We also are looking at adding the Zoom integration with Panopto so that academic classes' Zoom meeting recording can be uploaded directly to a specified Panopto folder.

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    Paul DouglasPaul Douglas Crackerjack

    Thanks @Jeffrey Ries and @Charles Barbour.

    Seems like we all share very similar models of Panopto use.

    Believe me, I appreciate the work that goes into improving the standalone platform. I just sometimes wish that the same level of ambition to improve could be applied to the way the integrations work. The workflows... processes and features. I fully understand that developing a third party plugin tool for an LMS is a whole different kind of animal in terms of dev work and limitations... but I'm also very curious as to how many of those annoyances could be solved.

    It took our team over 2.5 years to get one such problem solved and Panopto worked very hard with us on it but it turned out that only D2L could fix it but we got there in the end thanks to the endurance and patience of Panopto's Support team.

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    Was that Brightspace issue the one where embedding a video caused a weird dual scrollbar issue and a button was hidden?

    I too get frustrated telling people, "This will be easier if you just go to Panopto." or "No, you can't do that here. You HAVE to go to the Panopto site directly."

    We're usually just displaying a folder full of videos via the LTI integration. It would be nice if that folder view had the exact same options as if you opened the folder directly in Panopto.

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    Paul DouglasPaul Douglas Crackerjack

    Yes! - It was that issue of the Insert button that was appearing (hidden) out of the iFrame - requiring a scroll down with the outer scrollbar (of two) in order to see. But in our case, it would not have been easier to send users to our Panopto site. That would have created more work and 'work arounds'. If we embedded folders, it would open a can of worms that is not worth the trouble.

    But now we see the button so all is well. Students get to see the videos as intended, with permissions assigned automatically and in a very timely manner. But I can't tell you how fed up I was of saying (while training our teachers) "...select that Panopto button then the session you want to embed... then scroll down on the far right so you can see the invisible Insert button".


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    So we may have actually been the reason that got fixed. We noticed it at the beginning of our D2L pilot and then we found out that it had been like that for over 2 years.

    We were adamant the behavior was completely unacceptable and the fact it had been allowed to persist like that for 2 years was not a good sign at their ability to resolve issues. They miraculously fixed it within a couple weeks.

    Ultimately we wound up choosing Canvas but if we had any part in getting that resolved, I’m happy we could help!
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    Paul DouglasPaul Douglas Crackerjack

    I first noticed it when I was testing the Kaltura plugin with Brightspace a couple of years prior!

    Am just very glad it's resolved!

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