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Best way to manage auto creation of folders for VLE via API


We are new to Panopto and currently in the process of moving to it from Opencast. We currently have a fully automated solution from our timetabling systems and I am in the process of writing the integration for Panopto. I am at a point where we can create scheduled sessions for a remote recorder, set the availability day, record via a remote recorder and these will appear in our VLE. All good.

However - we run ~3500 different Blackboard modules every year, but not all of them use Lecture Capture, they also start at different times, and not all modules are configured and set up in Blackboard until a certain timeframe before the start date. This means that we would have to manually provision courses throughout the year in Blackboard which is not ideal.

We would ideally like to look at the timetable, check courses that have timetabled events that need capturing, then automate the provisioning of folders in Panopto for those courses, However I believe if we create folders via the API, this does not link them to the course in Blackboard.

So my question is, how is everyone else handling this process and what would be best practice?

Thanks and advance,


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    Kevin BaumKevin Baum Panopto Employee
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    Hi Nicholas,

    Are you using Blackboard Original courses, Blackboard Ultra courses, or both types?

    We do have a SOAP API endpoint that can be used to provision a folder in Panopto for a course, but this will not create the tool or link in the Blackboard course, or add the association to Blackboard.


    Both Blackboard Original courses and Blackboard Ultra courses also have methods to batch provision courses. Blackboard Original courses can be batch provisioned from within the Building Block settings (How to Batch Provision Courses in Blackboard). Blackboard Ultra courses can be bulk provisioned from within Panopto by a Panopto administrator. To do so, go to System->Identity Providers, find your Blackboard Ultra identity provider, and click on the "Start Provisioning" button.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions, or need any more information about the batch provisioning processes.




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    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for getting back to me. We are running Ultra Navigation and Blackboard original courses for now, with a view to move to Ultra courses in the future.

    It looks like we may have to manually provision the courses throughout the year via blackboard then as courses get created, start and stop at different times throughout the year.



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    Hi Nick,

    When you say

    This means that we would have to manually provision courses throughout the year in Blackboard which is not ideal.

    If you have original courses, do you have access to the building block? The block lets you upload a CSV of courses IDs, so although a manual step it is the same effort to schedule 1000 newly created courses as it is 2.

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