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Download Captions with Video on Mobile

edited June 12 in Feature Requests

When videos are downloaded in the Android app for offline viewing, captions are not made available along with them. This makes downloading unviable for students with bad connections or who know they will not have internet for periods of time, but also need captions. Would it be possible to make those captions available in the offline downloaded version of a video?

15 votes

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  • @Bennett McNutt I wonder if Panopto could somehow add a burn-in option for this?

  • @Brian Dyer There have been cases where instructors have hardcoded the captions to get around not having captions available in the offline version. A hardcoding option would be great to have. However, I imagine having the caption file download and play in the offline version on the app is easier than reprocessing the video, presumably into a new hardcoded copy.

  • I also have a need for this type of feature. And if possible, when videos have multiple caption streams (i.e. different language captions) if either those captions can be downloaded as part of the same downloaded video, or have the option to download with the various caption streams.

  • An option to burn captions in could be handy but I think the basic method should be to download captions as an .srt file - or if there are multiple caption streams, as multiple .srt files.

  • Downloading captions as vtt and srt is important. Hoping this moves ahead.

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