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Remote Recorder Improvements in the Mobile App

Provide multiple view options: The default view being one in which you have to scroll through thumbnails 50+ Remote Recorders in an unsorted order is painful.

Giving me the ability to see the Remote Recorders in a list as opposed to the current gallery view would be great.

Have an option where recorders which have a recording in progress always be sorted to the top. Possibly also recorders which are in an error state.

Add the ability to sort a list of Remote Recorder. Alphabetically by name, next scheduled recording, and recorder status (Recording, Previewing, Disconnected) seem like logical needs.

I would like an option to display thumbnails for Remote Recorders which are currently recording, have them displayed at the top of the list, but have the rest of the Remote Recorders displayed in a list view.

Give me a search box at the top of the screen so I can filter the list of recorders and I don't have to scroll through the list. (Since the list is currently unordered, this really sucks.)

Let me group recorders by name, department, building, etc.

Better controls when pausing/resuming/stopping an in progress recording. From a casual glance, it's not obvious the square button stops the paused recording and the arrow button continues the paused recording.

Require verification before pausing or stopping an in progress recording.

"Do you want to pause the Recording? Yes/No" "Do you want to stop the Recording? Yes/No"

Pet peeve: Don't do something stupid like Cancel/Continue here.

Does Cancel mean I'm canceling the recording or my attempt to stop the recording? Does Continue mean I'm Continuing the recording or Continuing to stop the recording?

Just ask me a question and let me respond Yes or No.

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