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Bulk Scheduler and Availability Window

Alex NeubertAlex Neubert Panopto Employee

We have a customer who plans to use the Bulk Scheduler to create approximately 100 scheduled recordings. However he also wants to set the Availability Window for these scheduled recordings. Support suggested the API - since the Bulk Scheduler is open source, they may be able to alter the program to include the ability to set Availability via the Bulk Scheduler. OR - use the Bulk Scheduler then use a separate API program to set availability.

Can you help to determine the best approach for bulk setting availability?



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    Mark BrewsalaMark Brewsala Panopto Employee

    Hi Alex,

    I think the API is a fine way to go for this. Either approach Support suggested sounds good: either they can fork their own copy of the bulk scheduler of their choice (I think we have three different versions!) to edit the code to include availability window updates; or else create a separate standalone tool to update sessions in bulk. Without knowing more about their use case -- how do the availability windows change per batch or per session? -- I can't suggest which would be better or easier.

    We have SOAP APIs that can update the availability window of a set of sessions:

    If all the sessions in a single batch should have the same settings, then it's at most two additional API calls to update every session in the batch at once. If each session needs its own, then it might be best to add the calls in to the scheduler itself to make the calls as each session gets scheduled.

    Does that point you in the right direction?

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