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Pro Caption Requests by Integrated Course

It would be great if we could set a course integration up so if any content is embedded into a course in pages/modules (not just the content in the course folder) would be sent off for human captions. This would help when we have Student Disability Services request to caption content in a course. In most cases, things can be stored in the course folder, and all is well; in some cases, the instructor needs to embed content from other folders. If the integration would pick up that content, or at least told the instructor as they embed, that would save us some major headaches when things are missed.

I think it would also work if there was even a way to see the content that is embedded in a course in addition to the content in the course folder. This wouldn't need to be a viewer-facing interface. It would be purely for administration and content management in my mind.

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    I can see the value in something like this. Depending upon the LMS and the integration, this might be possible to implement.

    When embedding in Canvas, Panopto dynamically creates random groups and assigns permissions to ensure viewers have the necessary permissions for each video.

    In theory Panopto could add some sort of permissions/flags/UI to the creator group for a course which would let you select a captioning provider and speed. Within that course, when a member of that group embedded content Panopto could check for the presence of captions on the video and automatically request them if they're not already present.

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