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Ability to change the Date/Time and Recorder of a Scheduled Recording all at once...

Hello there.

Let's say I have a scheduled recording which is getting moved to a different recorder and time in a different room.

If I were to change the time of the recording it would fail because the current recorder already is scheduled at that time.

If I change the recorder first then it fails because it is in conflict with the new room.

Any way work out this scenarios?



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    I think you have to do it in multiple steps.
    First, change the year of the scheduled recording.
    Second, move it to the correct recorder.
    Third, change the time and date back to the correct values.

    In theory, you could also have an unused or dummy remote recorder that you use only for swapping them around.

    Move recordings to dummy recorder.
    Adjust dates and times to new values.
    Move to new remote recorder.

    I often find it’s just easier to delete the scheduled recordings and re-create them.
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    how is this Dummy recorder created?

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    You can install the Remote Recorder on any machine (including a virtual machine) and have it connect to your site.

    The recorder still exist on the server even if the computer isn't connected to it. It will remain there until you delete it.

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    I now see under Settings there's a Move Scheduled Recordings. I thought "wow, that's great, because I just set up a class in the wrong recorder, so can move them! " Alas, it's a bulk move of all scheduled recordings from one system to the next. I was really hoping, I could just move one course, not all of them between the two systems. I ended up having to manually edit each even and changing the recorder.

    So nice idea, unfortunately, bad execution for me. Please give us the ability to actually check which events we would like to move between recorders. I know it would help me out at the start of the semester when I'm virtually running through multiple recorders making sure that the schedule is set for the term.



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    Sorry, I'm late to this thread, but is there a way to move the scheduled recording to a different recorder via the API?

    The most efficient that I've seen so far is to delete all of the incorrect scheduled recordings and recreate them with the new settings.

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    That's the least awful scenario.

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    Hiroshi OhnoHiroshi Ohno Panopto Employee


    We do not have a capability to move an individual recording schedule from a remote recorder to another either from UI or by API at this time.


    Thank you very much for sharing your experience with everyone.

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