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Unable to call a certain Class in the SOAP API..

edited July 2021 in API

Top of Class

$this->rrmclient = $panoptoclient->RemoteRecorderManagement();

function in class below....

public function change_recording_recorder($sessionID,$newRecorderID){

$sessionID = '2342342342342';

$remoterecorder = new \Panopto\RemoteRecorderManagement\RecorderSettings();





$recorderSettings = new \Panopto\RemoteRecorderManagement\ArrayOfRecorderSettings();


$updaterecording = new \Panopto\RemoteRecorderManagement\UpdateRecordingSettings($this->auth,$sessionID,$recorderSettings);

$result = $this->rrmclient->UpdateRecordingSettings($updaterecording);

echo $result;

return var_dump($result);


WHEN we call this function we get

Message: Function ("UpdateRecordingSettings") is not a valid method for this service

Is this no longer an functionable call to the SOAP API?



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    Joe MalmstenJoe Malmsten Panopto Employee

    Hi Robert, 

    I have looked over the code you provided and the API call in question and to me everything looks correct. I tried to recreate a similar call and had no issues. 

    The error you provided looks like there may be an issue in the client side code used to create the API request. Was this code recently edited or updated and could the UpdateRecordingSettings definition in your PHP code be incorrect? 



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    We discovered it was an OLD WSDL file that didn't have the called function for the service....would've been nice to get a better message back in terms of error but oh well crisis averted...

    Could have been averted really if they would develop their REST API ....

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