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New Install of Remote Recorder - Link to Remote Recorder in Panopto Cloud

Hi there,

We are deploying our (100ish) remote recorders via our university image management system with a view to manage updates automatically by just re-deploying a new image. However when we re-install a machine (windows, drivers and Remote Recorder), even if we name the Remote Recorder the same, it creates a new remote recorder in the Panopto Console.

Is there any way we can tell the silent installer that we are re-installing a remote recorder and link it to the same remote recorder in the Panopto console?

We are using the Panopto Remote Recorder Silent Install MSI to install the remote recorders.

Thanks in advanca,


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    Doug CostainDoug Costain Panopto Employee
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    Hi Nick,

    Thank you for reaching out. This is a result of re-installing the Windows OS and our cloud servers seeing the new Windows install as a new, unique machine. You could use our Move Scheduled Remote Recordings feature to easily move an entire schedule to the newly displayed Remote Recorder after you've completed the OS/software install. At this time, we've don't offer a way to link a new Remote Recorder install to an existing schedule when using our Silent Install option. Please reach out to your Panopto Customer Success Advocate to discuss and submit a feature request surrounding this use case!


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    Hi Doug,

    Thanks for the info. That's a real shame, we have over 100 remote recorders and have a remote deployment system to update them all at once, rather than manually. This would mean we would have to do this 100 times, then delete the old remote recorder.

    I might end up adding this to our integration script so that if it detects 2, move the scheduled recordings from the old one to the new one, then delete the old recorder.

    It would be interesting to hear what other universities do in this case. I'll have a chat with our Panopto Customer Success Advocate to see if we can add this as a feature request.



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