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Ability to Embed Videos "Shared with the Organization" - Without Making Public

Elba RiosElba Rios Whiz Kid
edited July 2021 in Feature Requests

Currently, only video "creators" can embed videos. One can embed public sessions (with copy/paste code) -- Not a good solution to force making publish for sharing; One CAN'T add shared clips in "edit" mode.

Use cases that would benefit with this feature:

  1. Embedding university shared videos (resources, course content, announcements, etc.)
  2. Embedding consistent university branding in all videos videos, such as:
    1. Making video bumpers / credits available without the production hassle
    2. Members could "add clip" feature to insert the shared video(s)
    3. If branding/university credits need to be updated, the original clips can be "replaced" -- without members having to edit their videos
  3. Make the experience more consistent with other platforms, like Vimeo and YouTube (share icon)

Possible solution: Add a "share icon" feature in Editing -> "add clip"; provide ability to browse shared folders/videos; add a "search" by video feature.

Thank you Panopto team!

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    I agree. It seems crazy that a video cannot be set to allow others to embed it.

    We pestered Panopto support about this a long time ago and were told it was not likely to change. Probably because the system was originally designed with the walled garden in mind and not a public YouTube style platform. Therefore the logic from the beginning centered around only allowing creators access to the settings - including the share codes.

    I've always wanted this changed so I 100% support this FR but I'm not getting my hopes up :)

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    Elba RiosElba Rios Whiz Kid

    @Paul Douglas , at today's Advanced Pantopo Webinar, this was brought up. Not sure if it was you. @Jay Minster liked the idea.

    If it's a Panopto video shared with the institution, then one should be able to "embed" in our LMS. Case in point, Library resources in Panopto. So, any videos in a manually created folder and is not attached to a course, falls under this dilemma.

    I'm hoping this feature request will gain some momentum. This is going to be one of the most powerful features for making video collaborations meaningful in Panopto.

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    This could be integrated into the custom roles and permissions work. If the "Share video" permission was broken into three camps, it would work well. The first camp would give the ability to access and modify the ACL for a session/folder/playlist. The next would be permitted to access the "link" and "embed" tabs within the ACL. The third would be the ability to embed within an LMS (or like systems) using the tool within a Rich Content Editor.

    I think this 3rd option should not update the ACL to add a context group for the embed. Beyond that, I think that a creator should be able to turn on and off the ACL context groups that are added when embedding with the LMS integration. In many cases, this context group maintaining access for anyone who might come across it is not the intended outcome.

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    Adding another voice here in favor of the idea to allow for embedding when share permissions have been provided. We too have a library resources folder and embedding those videos is more difficult now for instructors. And the difference is confusing them in general. I thought perhaps a custom creator role could be a solution, but that opens up a lot more than is needed. Our work-around now will be to show them how to link to the content instead. Or the instructional design team can help pull the embed code for instructors.

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