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Confusing confirmation dialog shown after applying edits

Paul DouglasPaul Douglas Crackerjack
edited August 2021 in Feature Requests

This one has been around a long time and I guess I just assumed and hoped that it would be addressed at some point. It also seems minor but believe me when I say I know plenty of users who have questioned it...

When you select the Apply button after making changes in the editor, a dialog window is shown (below).

It tells users that changes have been applied and asks a simple question. I usually have to make a point of clarifying this when training staff. "Cancel does not mean your changes are cancelled" I say regularly.

Does anyone else feel that these buttons should be 'Yes' and 'No'?

It seems silly submit this as feature request but I think it would clear up a regular point of confusion that new users experience.

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    I think it could be two changes:

    1. Change the text to be more clear about the action "Changes have been applied to the session. Would you like to continue editing?"
    2. Absolutely change the buttons to Yes/No.

    I also don't really know why this box comes up. I feel that it should just apply the changes, and if the users want to return to the viewer, they can click that button.

    I think this could also be an opportunity to implement the flow where a video is taken down immediately and the new version is available when ready vs. the old version is still available and is replaced when the new version is ready to view (new). To be clear, I think the user should have the option for both flows.

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    Agree with the two changes you suggest as one solution @Michael Espey ...and also agree with the feeling that changes should just be applied and no dialog should appear. Either would work I think.

    not sure what you mean by '...a video is taken down'. Are you referring to replacing a video using the method: add stream then delete old stream?

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    @Paul Douglas In the last chunk above I am describing a workflow where a user could elect to have a session and existing streams remain available and viewable and are only replaced when the new streams are ready instead of the current workflow where streams are immediately replaced, in that the session is unavailable to viewers until the new streams are ready.

    I remember a thread/feature request on this community from a while back where an individual made a compelling argument on this front and I think this could be a great opportunity to implement such a feature.

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