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Include search terms in available data

It would be great if we had data available (both centrally as admins and as the course team) for which terms and queries were used to search for content at the site level (for admins), at the folder level (for creator +), and at the session level (for creator +).

Centrally, this would help us define what content people are trying to find and how people are using the site to then help market and distribute content more effectively. For the course level, this would help instructors and other staff identify topics that students are looking for and could be unclear on.

At the site level, this should be a report that we can generate including the who, what, and when. At the course and video level, I think a word cloud would be perfect; maybe that word cloud structure could also be used for the course team to pull topics out of comments and notes. I don't believe this information should be attributable back to an individual at the course and video levels.

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