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Discussion Notification Bug

We wanted to make you aware of a bug with the recently released discussion notifications feature. We discovered a bug that automatically grants a personal folder to any user that subscribes to notifications if the site’s ID Provider settings are set to give personal folders to “Admins, creators & videographers”.

A fix for this bug is in progress and will ship within the next 24 hours. In an effort to prevent other users from accidentally taking this action, we have changed the site setting EnableDiscussionEmailNotifications to Disabled, to ensure users are not able to modify their notification settings and inadvertently gain access to a personal folder.

A limited number of users received a personal folder due to this bug, and we’ve directly reached out to each affected customer. If we haven’t reached out to you, you were not affected by this bug.

Status updates will be made to this forum as they become available.


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    Dave HannanDave Hannan Administrator

    This fix for this bug has been shipped to all Panopto Clouds.

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