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Add a button to refresh Access Control Lists for LMS groups

We've recently enabled some settings to ease the process of getting students access to evergreen content that is outside of the actual course folder.

The only use case that I have that is without a solution is when there is a defined body of content outside of the course folder but the instructor wants to share this other folder instead of sharing links to the videos directly. If they share a video, it works. If they share the course folder inside the LMS, it works. When they share a video/playlist inside the LMS through the Embed LTI, it works for the most part. When they share another folder that they've added the course group to, but they are not using the course folder or something else, those groups are never updated with students so they don't do anything.

If there was a button to manually refresh a group, that would at least ease that pain and allow the instructor to update permissions to a moment in time. Ideally, this setting we turned on would also work to simply update the course ACL instead of provisioning moment-in-time access.

As a side note, I think that the LTI embed should work as the "Attempt Permissions Sync on Request Access Page" setting does now. The embed shouldn't add them to a new list, it should just give them permission to view, while the above setting should actually add the user to an ACL IMHO.

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  • This fall I hope to experiment with sending SAML assertions to Panopto. If a student is enrolled in a course, when they log in they would send that assertion to Panopto and be added to the group for that course. If that group is added to a folder, it is always updated. If a student drops the course, the next time they log into Panopto, they no longer send that assertion and are no longer a member of the group.

    In theory, it sounds like it will work great. It also won't depend on the LMS and LTI so if a faculty member just uses their own website to distribute course materials (yuck!), they still can securely share Panopto content.

    For your last point, I think the LTI embed feature using the button in the editor in Canvas sort works like you want, though in a more complex manner. It creates a unique group for each embedded item and then adds anyone who views that item to a group which provides them with viewing rights.

    What I've found frustrating is that Panopto's LTI implementations (and I think all VCMS vendors are the same) only adds people to a group. It won't remove them from it. There's no "sync" built into the process to ensure the roster is up to date and accurate. What should happen is that when anyone logs in via LTI, it triggers a roster sync.

    Kim Stevens logs in which triggers a sync, Panopto see that Kyree Allen dropped the course, and he's removed from the viewers group.

    And if a student in elevated to a TA and then demoted back to a student, they'll still be in the creator group and there's no way for an Admin to remove someone from an LTI group. To get them removed from the creator group I think you need to contact Panopto support.

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