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Remote Recorder Functions - Details, Last time online, edit input names

When a remote recorder is offline it would extremely helpful to show how long ago a remote recorder was last online.

It would also be very helpful to allow admins to re-label the inputs on the remote recorders. For example, many of the presenter PCs on my campus have 4 inputs (A, B, C, D) which are often

A) primary camera

B) Secondary camera

C) Return feed from the switching system this includes any content to the projector (PC desktop, document camera, guest laptop

D) Duplicate return feed to be shared over a web meeting if necessary.

It would be very helpdul to be able if we could label these inputs or rename them in the remote recorder. It would also be very helpful if the labels were visible in the preview screen. Right now they are the long-form name of what ever the capture device is called, but isn't clear at a glance which is which without mousing over them.

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    Also, I'd love to have per Recorder notifications when they go offline. People in the business school don't need to know when a recorder in the law school goes offline.

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    Interesting, Charles.

    My team handles all of our recorders and we have a bunch of IT remote monitoring tools but there are gaps specifically with Panopto.

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    Want to back-up Charles Barbour 100% our Remote Recorder support folks want Per Recorder monitoring. Too often the notifications are not fine-grained enough to make them useful. The only notification we use is "Recording in Danger" but sometimes even that doesn't help. We get a PC that is running, Recorder appears to be up, but Windows has an issue after start of recording and we lose the whole recording. Sometimes it's windows issue, sometimes Panopto Remote Recorder. Rarely is it a device connected issue (we're all Axis IP cams using Axis Streaming assistant, it is ROCK solid). So per camera notifications would be way more useful than Device Disconnect tolerance or any of the existing Device Disconnect notifications (we have large numbers of recordings that are disconnected for long intervals for legit reasons, but we cannot disable turn-off monitoring for THAT set of recorders).

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    Per device notifications would be great, although they could be overwhelming too.

    A precursor to per-device monitoring would need to be accurate naming of those devices. On my recorders inputs A, B, C, D show up and in Panopto there's no way to know "on paper" what's connected. For us it could be a either of several cameras or a return feed from our switcher being captured.

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