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NEW FEATURE CONSENSUS: Let's move forward the REST API from V1.

TO ALL: It takes a village to move the API forward so let's start doing that!

Dear Panopto

  1. We(panopto users) need parity between the REST and SOAP APIs.
  2. We(panopto users) need to have a roadmap of the API and dates we can expect features to be added.
  3. We(panopto users) want to make fewer repetitive calls to endpoints to do scheduling.

These are all things which people expect out of APIs delivered by companies currently.

So after talking with our rep(who was great) it appears as if there is no API roadmap.

At our organization we create "tickets" which define the parameters of a recurring/singular meeting or class.

We create this ticket with

  • Start Date:
  • End Date:
  • Start time
  • End Time
  • We create a folder if needed
  • Day(s) of week in an ARRAY
  • RecorderID:

Then we have to pass API/SOAP calls to Panopoto either 15 30 or 45 times to schedule or classes. For 33K+ schedules to be created this takes HOURS if not a full day(+) to complete and 33K SOAP Calls at about one a second....if not slower.

We should be able to BATCH these calls and make 1 call to your endpoints. Then on your end you could process this call and return the status of the X number of schedules we requested to be made.

This greatly speeds up the process and allows for only (in our case) 1/45th of the HTTP calls to be made to your systems.





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    Kevin BaumKevin Baum Panopto Employee

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you very much for the feedback. We are continuing to work on adding additional endpoints to our public REST API, including migrating existing SOAP API functions and adding new features.

    Thank you for the detailed information on your use of the API to schedule recordings. We will be adding additional endpoints for scheduling recordings, and I've added the specific request to batch create them to our list for future development.

    I do not have a roadmap specific to upcoming API changes that I'm able to share right now. We are planning to add additional endpoints to the REST API by the end of the year, including an endpoint to create folders and some endpoints to enable permissions management on sessions and folders.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.



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    Like Robert, we also have a significant volume of scheduled recordings and it takes a few days to get everything ready for a semester. However, please note that I do not prefer to use a "recurring event schedule", because there are almost always exceptions such as holidays. If we could send 50 or so scheduled recordings at once (for example, a class that meets 3 days each week for 16 weeks), that would significantly reduce the round-trip overhead so that we could schedule an entire class schedule in one API call.

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