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Webcast sorting option for In Progress and Scheduled tabs

Brian DyerBrian Dyer Whiz Kid
edited September 2021 in Feature Requests

In the "In Progress" tab we can sort by Name, Duration, Date and Location. Would it be possible to also add Webcast as a sorting option?

We can scroll through the list and look for the session titles in blue or hover over the recording icon to see if it says Live or not but having a webcast sorting option would save a lot of time when you have over 200 recordings and just need to see webcasts.

Also, in the "Scheduled" tab it would be great to have an icon that shows a scheduled recording will be a webcast and have a webcast sorting option. Right now the only way to tell if webcast has been enabled is to click on Settings and then click on Edit under "Scheduled Recording" for each schedule.

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