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Blackboard Panopto Multiple Top level Folder Copy

Panopto Development,

Some of our staff have maybe 5-10 modules per year, and they would like to have the most efficient way to copy across or re-use old panopto recording content from one year to the next. If the end users themselves could commissioning the new current year panopto folders in their modules for example 2021-22 in advance, then would it be possible for Panopto to provide a split screen window in say the panopto portal (via open in panopto button out of blackboard into the portal) and allow staff under the copy to have a view of all previous year's module panopto folders and then in the other window all current year modules and allow staff to select specific recordings in each module in the left hand pane and allow the copy to put those recordings into the specific new current year modules panopto folders in one go, rather than having to do this copy one module at a time.

Kind Regards, James, IT Services Trinity College Dublin

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