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API access to information about uploaded captions

edited September 2021 in API

Our department is trying to in-house caption a large number of videos on our Panopto server, and to do that effectively we need to continuously report on which videos are and are not captioned by us. We could accomplish that if we had API access to the information shown below:

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    Mark BrewsalaMark Brewsala Panopto Employee

    Hi Zakary,

    Is this a one-time effort for existing videos, or a plan to discover newly-created sessions and caption them with your in-house service? If the former, a support ticket is probably the best option. If the latter, what if we added the caption status to the "Sessions Created or Edited" usage report? You can learn more about all the usage reports here (including a note at the top about guides for managing and accessing them through the API): https://support.panopto.com/s/article/System-Usage-Report-Fields



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    @Mark Brewsala Personally, I would love to see caption status, including if it is ASR, uploaded by a user, or human captions from a vendor be included in a system report. It would also be great to have if a captioning integration is on for a given folder in a system report.

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    @Mark Brewsala The latter; we'd like to make a plan to discover newly-created sessions and caption them with our in-house service, plus a plan to periodically revisit those sessions and determine whether or not we captioned them. It does sound like a system usage report with the fields mentioned by @Michael Espey would cover requirements. Thank you!

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