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Can spliced clips be captioned?

Hi there,

A colleague of mine has created a clip by splicing together two clips. Both clips were captioned, however the inserted clip no longer displays captions when inserted into the longer clip. Is it possible to reactivate the inserted clip's captions or generate automatic captions for the new video that would cover the entirety of both clips? Many thanks!


  • @Craig Stewart , Good question!

    As I understand, each clip is an independent session, with their own independent captions. Then, you edit one session, and insert "+" the second clip where ever you click on the timeline (red line).

    But, now I'm wondering if when inserting in the middle of the clip affects the first clip's ASR or professional captions.

    @Kathryn , can you please clarify this. Thank you.

  • KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @Craig Stewart @Elba Rios I just tested this to be sure, but the captions from a clip should show up in the player, even if the clip is inserted into the middle of a video. If they are not showing up, this would definitely be a reason to submit a support ticket. Craig, do you need assistance making a support ticket?

  • @Kathryn, yes please, I'd be happy to raise a support ticket.

  • KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @Craig Stewart Great - would you possibly be able to direct message me the link to the video you were editing and the clip you wanted to splice in? This will help our support team investigate.

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