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Make recording with Panopto Capture through Cynap's WebRTC a supported feature

Please make recording with Panopto Capture through Cynap's WebRTC function a supported feature.

We've found that you can successfully record through a Cynap's WebRTC feature using Panopto Capture. This is highly beneficial for our needs for three reasons:

1) Capture automatically sees the in-room hardline (NOT IP) camera as the primary source and records whatever is being shared on the Cynap as the secondary source. It sees them as separate streams.

2) Instructors are able to use an interface familiar to them (Panopto Capture)

3) Cynap's WebRTC function runs on Chromium

The current supported method of recording with Panopto using the Cynap's dashboard with Panopto integrated through the admin settings is less than ideal.

1) It only makes a glorified screen recording of whatever shows on the Cynap screen and doesn't see each stream source as separate. This is also confusing for instructors.

2) It does NOT see the in-room camera as the primary source if it's a non-IP camera like we use. (We can't add additional IP cameras just to solve this issue - too costly on a number of levels). If it was set to see the USB or hardline SDI camera we use in our podium setups that would be VERY beneficial.

3) Our Cynaps are set to go to sleep every day for several reasons. If we use the unit as a remote recorder it keeps the Cynap awake which is a problem.

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