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Content retention reports

Pauline CooperPauline Cooper Whiz Kid
edited September 2021 in Feature Requests

For content retention audits, deletions:

We would like a downloadable report with the following fields:

Session Name, Folder Name, Creator, Created Date, Last Viewed Date

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    It would be great to have more detail available and more flexible ways to deal with the reports to make it easier to manage hundreds/thousands of items! Specific improvements I'd like include:

    1) Improvements to layout on screen. See the screenshot for what it looks like to us: the Name column is shrunk, and some other columns aren't aligned with their headers. (If I stretch the window to two screens it looks better but we can't always do this eg if working from home on laptops.) Ideally we could adjust the column widths ourselves.

    2) Additional columns for the folder path especially, and for the creator. Created / last played / total plays would also be useful to give us the information we need to base our retention/archive/deletion decision on.

    3) The ability to sort by different columns, so eg we can deal with everything in a given folder, or everything with 0 usage, at once.

    4) Exporting the reports to Excel - especially if there was also a way to add a "Decision" column and import the report back to Panopto rather than working only in the Panopto interface.

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    I think @Charles Barbour request for downloadable xls file is the best way to keep a record of what's archived.

    At our insititution, in addition to course content, we store historical, university speakers series and other special types of videos that require permanent access. Whether they are accessed or not, they need to remain searchable. In this case, a CSV list will help identify the videos that need to be restored "indefinitely".

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    I love the suggestion from @Deborah Fitchett regarding adding a Decision column. In the csv/xls file we could download, if that field was present we could set values appropriately for each row and then re-upload that file with our answers.


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    I would like to see this go a few steps further.

    I'd love to see these functions operate in real time in the Admin interface, and not be reliant on an audit or a spreadsheet export.

    I really want to be able to manually archive as I go. Right now a folder has buttons for move, copy, delete, etc. Why not archive right there along with the multi-select check boxes?

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    In terms of content retention, an important status is "archived". The systemfolderstorage usage report lists how many sessions a folder have, how many are archived, archived hours total etc.

    How do we get a report on sessions archived? I think archived status belongs in any content retention report.

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    @Andrew Esposito , I certainly would want that ability limited to only administrators, departmental administrators, or possibly videographers. I wouldn't want the average user archiving content.

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    @Charles Barbour Agreed!

    I have some reservations about the new pricing model because users can also UNarchive things too.

    Hopefully, it doesn't happen often, but I could see it leading to unexpected spikes in storage levels if a faculty member decides they want access to everything from the past few years and triggers a big 'thaw.'

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