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Panopto Capture Folder drop menu

When creating a panopto capture video using Brightspace, a student has access to all the org folders and can drop the video in any folder. This should be limited to the folder of the course where they are recording the Panopto Capture. This way students do not have to find a folder to house the video, it will automatically go in the folder for that course.

See images below:

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    I think students will only see the folders to which they have create rights. I do think there should be some sort of "Panopto Capture Assignment" which automates the folder selection. It could also be sharable as a link so instructors could just share it via the LMS or email and it dumps the video in the correct folder automatically. Students could also be prevented from deleting or editing their responses and instructors could limit them to only a certain number of recordings.

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    The students in the group I tested only have viewer rights. They could still access all folders. I believe since they are creating the video in Brightspace it allows them access.

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    Hmmmm. Were students actually able to save content in those folders? In my experience, they haven't been able to.

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    Yes. The students are able to access any courses assignment folder. If you click on the folder it opens and shows the assignment folders for any of those course folders.

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    Elba RiosElba Rios Whiz Kid
    edited September 2021

    @Stephanie Hill , In Canvas there’s Panopto assignment folder for every course. In the pull down field for selecting a course, In your screenshot I do not see a folder accordion arrow to make the “assignments folder” visible. It could be an integration, or a mapping issue.

    Are the screenshots from a student? Or are you using a student test account to verify the scenario?

    I’m wondering if @Kathryn could chime in on this.

    I recommend creating a support ticket.

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    This is a snapshot from my computer with the drop arrow and assignment folders showing. This is the student view from Brightspace. I was hoping the suggestion to change so students only see the course where they are recording the vid. would make life much simpler. Thank you so much for your attention to this issue. I definitely will entertain any suggestions.

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @Elba Rios @Stephanie Hill

    This is a great feature request because a student does currently need to choose the correct folder to record to and needs to choose the correct folder when submitting the video, and I can see why you would want to automatically direct them to the correct folder.

    However, the students should only see folders where they are Creators or assignment folders for the courses they are enrolled in as options for saving a video. In the above screenshot, it does look like only assignment folders are available for the student to save to. They would not be able to save to any of the grayed out folders.

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    That is correct. The course where this occurred has the fall course set to viewer, but the master course where all vids are housed is set to creator. I am guessing that gives students permission to create even though the fall course is set only as viewer? Asking for a friend :)

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @Stephanie Hill I'm not really able to fully tell what might be happening with the permissions on the folder from this screenshot, but I can give you a summary of the way permissions work with Brightspace - that might give you the info you need to narrow down what's happening with your permissions. If that doesn't help, I can open a support ticket for you, so the support team can go in and take a look.

    For every course that uses Panopto, a course folder is created to house the videos for that course. That folder is automatically shared with two automatically created user groups, a group of Creators and a group of Viewers. The viewer group contains all the students enrolled in that course, and the Creator group contains the instructors. The group of Creators can record videos into the folder. This is what those groups look like:

    It is possible to take the group named "course name::viewers" and instead give them the Creator permission, which would result in the students being able to record video into the folder, but that isn't the way the permissions are set up to work automatically.

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