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Analytics Bug

What is the impact of this issue?

We have discovered a regression with analytics reporting for videos that are optimized for single-stream viewing (previously known as Archival Viewing) that fails to display viewing data for these videos in the Panopto analytics UI.

When will this issue be resolved?

We will ship a fix on October 1, 2021, to ensure all viewing data is accurately recorded going forward.  We will be repairing impacted sessions to display accurate viewing analytics in the next week.

How do I mitigate the issue?

No action is needed on your part - Panopto will be restoring all impacted analytics in the next week and will update this post once that work is completed.


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    Bill WolfBill Wolf Panopto Employee

    The issue causing the loss of viewing statistics on videos that have been optimized for single stream viewing has been repaired on all Panopto cloud environments. We will update this thread again after all affected viewing data has been recovered.

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    Bill WolfBill Wolf Panopto Employee

    All affected viewing data has been recovered. Please contact Panopto Support if you need any further assistance.

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