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Establish Connection to Panotpo-API


I use the script provided at https://github.com/lucisgit/php-panopto-api to connect to your api. Anything i get is:

Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [client] System error. in /xxxx/panopto-prototyp/tests/auth_gsma.php:34 Stack trace: #0 /xxxx/panopto-prototyp/index.php(14): include() #1 {main} thrown in /xxxx/panopto-prototyp/tests/auth_gsma.php on line 34

my defines:

define ("PP_HOST", "kmu.cloud.panopto.eu");

define ("PP_CLIENT_NAME", "GSMA Localhost MBR");

define ("PP_CLIENT_ID", "d6bb9412-ec31-42b5-917c-ad91009e3799");

define ("PP_CLIENT_SECRET", "xxxxxxxx");

my script (sorry, i tried to add it as an upload - but your forum not allows that):


$username = "Bräu_Stefan";

// Create client instance for my.panopto.host.

$panoptoclient = new \Panopto\Client(PP_HOST);

// Create AuthenticationInfo instance with user crdentials.

$panoptoclient->setAuthenticationInfo('KMU\\' . $username, '', PP_CLIENT_ID);

// Get AuthenticationInfo instance for using in calls.

$auth = $panoptoclient->getAuthenticationInfo();

// For example, get RemoteRecorderManagement webservice instance for

// accessing its methods.

$rrmclient = $panoptoclient->RemoteRecorderManagement();

// Let's list recorders for this simple example. According to API docs we need

// Pagination instance.

$page = 1;

$perpage = 10;

$pagination = new \Panopto\RemoteRecorderManagement\Pagination();



// Prepare ListRecorders parameter instance, sort recorders by 'Name'.

$param = new \Panopto\RemoteRecorderManagement\ListRecorders($auth, $pagination, 'Name');

// Perform API call, this return value of ListRecordersResponse type.

try {

  $recorderslist = $rrmclient->ListRecorders($param)->getListRecordersResult();

} catch(Exception $e) {

throw new SoapFault('client', $e->getMessage());


echo "Total recorders count: " . $recorderslist->TotalResultCount;

// Iterate through the list of recorders, each recorder is represented as

// RemoteRecorder type, see API docs for supported properties.

$recorders = $recorderslist->PagedResults->getRemoteRecorder();

foreach($recorders as $recorder) {

  echo "Recorder name: " . $recorder->getName();

  echo "Recorder IP: " . $recorder->getMachineIP();

  // Get devices, each device is represented as RemoteRecorderDevice type,

  // see API docs for supported properties.

  $devices = $recorder->getDevices()->getRemoteRecorderDevice();

  foreach($devices as $device) {

    echo "Device: " . $device->getDeviceType() . ': ' . $device->getName();





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    Joe MalmstenJoe Malmsten Panopto Employee

    Hi Stefan,

    We are sorry but Panopto cannot help a problem specific to a development tool or development framework. We recommend that you consult the owner of the tool or framework.


    Joe Malmsten

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