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Service Update 2021-10-21

Please note: This update will be applied at the end of business hours on Oct 21st  for the North America, Canada, and European clouds and the end of business hours on Oct 22nd for the Asia-Pacific and Australia clouds.

  • Users who restore an archived video will now receive an email notification when the video restoration is complete and the video is ready to view.
  • Improved the user experience for scheduling recordings using linked remote recorders.
  • Fixed an issue with the recycle bin where video comments remained hidden after a video was restored from the recycle bin.
  • Fixed an issue with the recycle bin where users with creator permissions were not shown the restore button for searches within the recycle bin.
  • Fixed an issue where recordings in Microsoft Teams were not imported for a small percentage of the customers.
  • Fixed an issue where the Zoom integration failed to delete recordings from Zoom Cloud after the recordings were imported to Panopto.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some automatically created SAML groups to always be created as public groups, even if the "User Group Privacy Default" site setting was enabled.
  • Added a way to remove D2L user enrollments for inactive courses when the D2L Identity Provider had "Sync Active Courses Only (legacy)" enabled and "Create Folders On Sign-in" disabled. This will override Sync Active Course Only to remove existing users from inactive courses only. This behavior is disabled by default, please contact support to enable this feature.
  • Fixed some accessibility issues with the new upload drag and drop experience.
  • Fixed a recent regression where the variable speed menu in the embedded player was not closing when the user clicked outside of the control. 
  • Updated the helper text for 'Disable seek and variable speed playback' in the video settings to clarify that seeking and variable speed playback will be enabled after the user watches a certain percentage of the video, which is controlled by the site administrators via a site-setting.
  • Fixed an issue where a user not logged in cannot select the captions language for public videos.
  • Fixed an accessibility issue in the embed player where a screen reader was not reading out the timestamp at which a comment would be posted.

Version 11.8

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