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Bulk Scheduling Changes Feature Request (Remote Recorders)



  • Interesting - if I have a 11 - 12:30 class, the start time should be 5 minutes after the hour and 5 minutes before the end of the class time. So I schedule 11:03 - 12:28. That should be enough padding if the faculty starts early or goes a little late. They really should stop on time to give students time to get to their next class. But often they don't. So one of my laborious edits was changing the end time from 12:28 to 12:30. I usually do push back on that to allow the system to write out before the next recording starts. So in back to back classes, that wouldn't work for me. But a nice idea!

  • We do programmatic scheduling and have a method of pre-filtering out "No class" days. After that, there's two types of recording time offsets: essentially "managed" vs "unmanaged". All recordings after scheduled to end 4 minutes after the scheduled class end time, because people do run over as you said. "Unmanaged" recordings will automatically start at the class start time, while "managed" recordings automatically start 15 minutes after the class start time. This is because managed recordings are manually started when the class truly begins by employees who support those classes.

    Similar to the manual method of editing all of the scheduled recordings, our process of fixing scheduled recordings when something changes is to deleted all of the scheduled recordings and reschedule them using the updated settings. Hopefully our experience is helpful when determining your path forward.

  • So your deletions are still a manual process before re-scheduling an event? It's probably bout the same to actually just manually edit them at this point for me. Bulk modifications would still be a preferred option than deleting and recreating.

  • @Elaine Mello The deletions happen automatically. The automated workflow is roughly:

    • Has the class schedule changed? If so, delete all of the scheduled recordings and mark it as not scheduled.
    • Is the class scheduled? If not, schedule all of the class recordings. If we've previously emailed the instructor, email them to let them know we automatically rescheduled the class based on a change.
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