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Logs that show when a video is created, rejected, approved, and/or deleted

Pauline CooperPauline Cooper Whiz Kid
edited October 2021 in Feature Requests

When there are more than one approver attached to folders, it is beneficial to see the approval steps in the logs, showing when a video is created, rejected, approved, and/or deleted. I know there is a custom report that can be requested and put in queue, but I am unaware of that information showing up on the Log tab in Settings for a video, see below for example:

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    Also if possible show with which settings the recording has been done.

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    I think having a set of folder-level logs would be a great addition. There is some capacity to obtain some of this information through support now with Audit Logs, but having this be something that is available right in the folder would be a huge help in urgent situations.

    I think if this is implemented, having this log be filterable by type of action, user, time range, etc. would be needed as these logs would likely get long very quickly.

    As a side note, this would be a great place to log retention policy actions.

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    @Michael Espey Yep, I am aware of the audit logs, but agreed, looking for something immediate to help in urgent, at the moment, situations. Having the audit logs filterable would be amazing and log retentions there would be good too.

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