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Reporting on extent of caption review and correction

Like a lot of places, for accessibility purposes we're encouraging staff to review and correct the auto-created captions that videos in Panopto receive.

Ideally we'd like to be able to get some kind of high-level indicative report or data that would give us a sense of how many/how often videos were being updated in this way.

I don't see anything in the standard system reports that gives this kind of information, and looking through the API there doesn't seem to be anything that'd deliver this kind of data.

Does this seem like something that would be remotely possible?


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    I imagine this should be a set of data that support can provide, but it isn't something that I've dug into. I'm not aware of anything out of the box that will give you this sort of information, but I would love to see it added to the platform in one way or another. This would be great data for a dashboard to assess areas on campus that are using the feature and those that are not.

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