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Login/Link using BLTI


I'm trying to set up a BLTI Form (as a Tool Consumer) for Panopto. I already created an BLTI identity provider. I always get a "HTTP 500" error from https://xxxx/Panopto/LTI/LTI.aspx

My goal is to authenticate a user to panopto, using BLTI (so the user is signed in to Panopto from within our LMS via a click).

currently i am sending this parameters in the form (POST):

lti_message_type = basic-lti-launch-request

lti_version = LTI-1p0

user_id = <name identity provider>\<user name>

oauth_consumer_key = <public key of IP>

oauth_signature_method = HMAC-SHA1

oauth_timestamp = 1636363829 (f.e. - the return of a php time() call)

oauth_version = 1.0

oauth_signature = <signature>

Are there any params missing? Do you have an example (PHP) of how to create the oauth signature? currently i am using this php code:

$params = array(

"lti_message_type" => "basic-lti-launch-request",

"lti_version" => "LTI-1p0",

"user_id" => $config->name . "\\" . $user_name,

"oauth_consumer_key" => $config->lti_key,

"oauth_signature_method" => "HMAC-SHA1",

"oauth_timestamp" => time(),

"oauth_version" => "1.0",


$base_string = "POST&" . urlencode($launch_url) . "&" . rawurlencode(implode("&", $params));

$secret = urlencode($config->lti_secret) . "&";

$signature = base64_encode(hash_hmac("sha1", $base_string, $secret, true));

Thanks for your help,



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    Joe MalmstenJoe Malmsten Panopto Employee


    For this kind of issue we would need you to make a support ticket at https://support.panopto.com to be able to give you more assistance.


    Joe Malmsten

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