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Import from XML/CSV

It would be nice if we were able to feed Panopto an XML or CSV file to handle bulk imports of content from the web UI.

We are in the process of migrating a large, long-running (started in 2009) podcast from a standalone server to Panopto for hosting, and the process of uploading, renaming, changing dates, owners, etc. is very tedious work.

I am considering writing a script to automate this, but it would be great if this was native functionality at least for admins/department admins. Everything that you might need to have is already in the XML, it would just be a matter of uploading the file, prompting the user to map fields to attributes in Panopto (name, date, description, owner) then the job could run in the background. As part of the attribute mapping process, the user should be able to set certain attributes manually for all assets being imported (owner, tags, etc.).

Beyond importing content in this way from existing XML feeds, I could see some use cases where being able to feed Panopto an XML/CSV file directly to import content like this would be a great feature when content hosted elsewhere on the web needs to be imported into a Panopto library in bulk.

Even if we couldn't directly import an existing schema and map attributes in the UI, if you had an approved schema for us to work with that could be consumed in bulk, that would work in every case that I can think of.

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