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Surface the Panopto Integration API for Zoom

Panopto has already done the work to take the recording files from Zoom and bring them into Panopto. However, that functionality is only available if you use the Zoom Marketplace app for Panopto which asks for admin access to manage all recordings.

Instead, we would like to be able to take the files from Zoom ourselves and pass them into Panopto, probably via an API. This would provide value to us as customers from the work that Panopto has already done without requiring that we grant admin-level access to Zoom.

If there is already a way to do this programmatically via the API, please let me know. Thank you!

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    I also recently expressed to Panopto a desire to automatically import only LTI Pro recordings, but still give users a way to manually import their recordings if they need to keep them.

    • User logs into Panopto.
    • Clicks on the Zoom Import button.
    • Sees their Zoom cloud recordings (based upon your Zoom content retention policies)
    • Find the right recording and clicks on import
    • Chooses Panopto destination directory
    • Import completes and recording is deleted from Zoom.

    (I suppose Panopto could also make it easier for admins to automatically delete Zoom cloud recordings after they are in Panopto.)

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