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Resend request for ASR captions in a specific language

Does anyone know of a workflow that would send a session out to have ASR captions be processed again or in a specific language? Note: I am not inquiring about translated captions. While that would be great, that isn't what I am after here.

Use case: The folder has the language established in English as that will be the bulk of the content. There are some videos that should live with these English videos, but were recorded in and should be captioned in French. Right now, it seems like the only option to get ASR captions in French for this video would be to ensure that the content is initially uploaded to a folder that has the content Language set to French already. Once ASR has been processed, there doesn't appear to be a way to send a new request for ASR captions.

If I am understanding things correctly, should the user accidentally record to their English folder instead of their French folder, they would be unable to get ASR captions in French.

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    KathrynKathryn Administrator
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    @Michael Espey As things stand, you are correct. If ASR is processed in English, a user is not able to reprocess in another language. The Support Team can trigger reprocessing, though, if a ticket is opened.

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