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Have the "Delete from Zoom after successful import" flag always delete from Zoom

Harvard uses the Zoom integration, and we discovered earlier this year that if a faculty or staff member deletes the imported session before Panopto runs their deletion logic (which can take up to 96 hours) the cloud recording gets retained indefinitely in Zoom. Panopto's response to our concern has been to update the feature description to read "If the Panopto session is deleted before the Zoom recording is deleted, then the Zoom recording will not get deleted from the Zoom Cloud." While that is good for admins to know, our end users won't know this behavior, nor can we expect them to change when they might delete an import. The messaging to our end users is that recordings done through Zoom LTI are migrated into Panopto and deleted from Zoom - nice and simple. I think it would make the most sense for Panopto to apply their delete logic to all imported sessions regardless of what the owner decides to do with it when it gets into Panopto.

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Shipped in April 2022 as a part of 12.6


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    Michael EspeyMichael Espey Superstar
    edited December 2021

    I completely agree with this request.

    If this isn't implemented, we should be able to track/filter the Zoom recordings that are in this state from within Panotpo. IMHO the biggest problem here is that the files in Zoom just exist silently and we need to dig to tease them out; if we could, at a minimum, generate a list of these things that would greatly reduce the administrative overhead in dealing with the problem locally and identifying users that we need to work with.

    To be clear, I think that an admin import queue for these meeting integrations should be implemented anyway, but that is another feature request. This queue would allow us to quickly see what is being imported, what problems have come up, and what actions we might need to take.

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    Amen. If it was imported to Panopto, my users have been told it should also be deleted from Zoom.

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    Hiroshi OhnoHiroshi Ohno Panopto Employee

    Hello all,

    Panopto shipped this request last month as version 12.6. Below is the copy from our release note. I am sorry for the delay to respond this disucssion.

    • Added a new option to the Zoom meeting import feature to delete recordings on the Zoom cloud even if a recording has not been imported to Panopto (if, for example, an end-user deletes the corresponding Panopto video while it’s in the 'processing' state). This is an opt-in option that a Panopto admin needs to enable on the Zoom integration admin page.

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