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Obtain via REST/SOAP the processing percentage of an uploaded file


We have developed an app which does massive multithreaded transfers of video recordings from a Blackboard Collaborate course to the Panopto course folder. I have been toying with the idea of a React-like dashboard which tracks the progress of each file as it goes through the transfer/upload lifecycle. Ideally, this would be the percentage of the "Processing:" string in the GUI or in the "Processing" menu page, under the progress column.

I've looked at whether the current SOAP or REST APIs can return this value but haven't been able to find it. For example, I believe the status information can be obtained by polling the State variable in the JSON returned by a call to the appropriate URL in Panopto, supplying the upload Id as an argument ; a similar mechanism would be perfect.

This is my first feature request, so let me know if it's sensible and/or if any additional information is needed.



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