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Community - Split up release notes by product area

It would be great if items in the release notes section of this site were split up by category in some way (maybe cloud releases, on-prem, Panotpo for Windows, Panopto for macOS, etc.).

Currently, it is very difficult to identify what is "current" for a given area, and you need to dig in order to find the latest release for something. If I wanted to find the last Panopto for macOS version as an example, I need to either dig through the list that is there or I need to search. If I elect to search, the results are typically out of order, seemingly random in fact, so I still need to dig in order to find what I am looking for:

Something similar to this site (another community forum that runs on Vanilla) where things are broken up by area and indexed by version with a clear previous/next would be greatly appreciated. Tags could be used to get closer to this, but it seems like I am unable to search for tags within a community section so the results are from anywhere on the site.

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