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Show Captions by default for users or folders

edited January 2022 in Feature Requests

Users should have the ability to turn on captions by default for all videos rather than having to click the "CC" button for each video. Currently, there is only a site-wide setting to show captions by default. Not all videos are going to have ADA complaint videos, so we'd like to have the ability for users to configure this setting on their end and/or have the ability to set this default at the folder level.

This is a screenshot of the existing settings available:

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    Yes! Why make all your users do the same thing repeatedly?

    I think professionally captioned videos (or videos which have had their captions edited) should count as "real captions" and be eligible to be displayed by default.

    ASR results and the auto-generated captions imported from Zoom are often very low quality and should not be displayed by default.

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    Just to add onto Clair's suggestion: This should definitely be a setting that individual users should be able to choose. It's not a great solution to enable captions for all users at the university, as this increases cognitive load for those who do not use captions--particularly if these are autogenerated captions, which may have errors which will be distracting. Users who may have disabilities in cognition, including ADHD may be even more impacted that neurotypical learners.

    We encourage Panopto to create more granular settings to allow users to set their own preferences in this area. We often use playlists to compile our training out of 5 minute videos. Our users who use the captions have to turn on the captions for every single video in that playlist which adds unnecessary friction.



    The Redundancy Principle

    “People learn better from graphics and narration than some graphics, narration, and printed text.” (p. 118)

    Many multimedia presentations involve a combination of spoken words, graphics, and on-screen text. However, the redundancy principle suggests that multimedia messages are most effective when learners encounter just spoken words and graphics. When instructors include text on-screen, they risk overwhelming their learners’ visual channels with both pictures and words, and inadvertently direct their cognitive processes to resolving differences between the spoken text and the printed text.

    To address this principle:

    • When delivering a narrated presentation, use either graphics or text, but not both.
    • Minimize the use of text during a narrated presentation.

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