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Remove the Owner Role or Bulk Change Owner

Brian DyerBrian Dyer Whiz Kid
edited June 2023 in Feature Requests

The Owner role creates confusion for the instructors and they don't like seeing someone else's name on their content. 

Discussion notifications and requests for access to sessions are sent to the owner of the content. In our case this is an admin acct used for automated scheduling and the email for this acct isn't monitored. It would be helpful to us and maybe others if notifications could be instead sent to all of the folder's Creators.

If the Owner role can't be removed or have its purpose folded into the Creator role, then we need a way to change the owner in bulk manually from a folder's session list and programmatically using the API (both when the schedule is created and when updating existing sessions).

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    Great ideas! Asked Joe for the ability to schedule recordings on behalf of another person, but that only solves the scheduled recording aspect of the problem.

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    Personally, I believe that the Owner role should be expanded. Specifically, once the Creator Dashboard thing has been developed I see this being useful to filter on. Before that can be done, having a way to update this parameter in bulk is a major need. We are working on implementing lifecycle management (when people change roles, leave the university, etc.) and without a way to reassign this role in bulk, that can't really be on the table.

    One change I would like to see that would make the role a bit better: individual users should be able to set or transfer the owner role to someone else. There is no reason that I can think of where this should require an admin to update.

    For the points on notifications, I 100% agree that this should be going to creators/publishers in the folder, not just the "owner". Maybe this could be a set of checkboxes for the folder to allow for a few modes of operation. Something like the below might work with the default being Creators and Publishers.

    Send content notifications (requests for access, new content, discussions, content deleted from/restored to folder) to:

    • Content Owners
    • (Department) Admins
    • Publishers
    • Creators
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    I haven't heard anything about a creator dashboard. Is there any info you can share a link to?

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    @Brian Dyer There was a presentation some time ago (maybe last Feb/March) and a dashboard was mentioned with some mockups and intended functionality. It was mainly focused on content interactions but I would imagine that content management would be a focus as well. I will send you a note if I find something more specific; I need to dig back in my notes.

    I see that Dave Hannan posted a mock-up of the menu overhaul here (https://community.panopto.com/discussion/comment/2353) but it doesn't have any other information beyond the heading "My Videos" so that could be another thing.

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    Another core problem with Owner is that it's singular. We have a lot of classes with multiple instructors who co-teach. Any solution where only one person can be identified is insufficient.

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    Kevin HartmanKevin Hartman Whiz Kid
    edited February 2022

    Could not agree more.

    As an admin here, I schedule a lot of recordings in remote recorders, and that makes me owner. Therefore I'm getting the discussion alerts, not the instructor. So either I need to remember to change the owner of every video, which for a class meeting 2-3 times a week for 15 weeks is going to become annoying and tedious very fast, or I need to make sure I forward the alert emails to the proper course instructors.

    Panopto, if possible please change this to have these alerts go to those listed as Creator on the video or folder. This is not going to be a good workflow for people moving forward.

    I think discussion notifications is a great feature, but because of this video ownership issue I don't want to tell my faculty about this yet.

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