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Copy Course V2 - Why not for itslearning LMS? That has the LTI?

I attended a webinar on the latest releases including the copy course V2. It was mentioned that it worked with Learning Management Systems with LTI. We use Panopto in a close integration with the LMS itslearning that is the biggest in Europe - and has LTI integration. How come itslearning is not on your list when implementing the copy course V2?


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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    Hi Christina,

    Course Copy v2 is offered for Canvas, Blackboard Ultra, Moodle, and D2L currently. We are able to offer it for these because we have fully built out custom integrations with each of the LMS systems that are able to support a variety of custom settings. Inside of these integrations our ability to embed videos and add our course tool in some cases uses LTI, and this is perhaps what we referenced on the webinar - Apologies for any confusion!

    Course copy V2 is currently not available for LMS that integrate with Panopto using BLTI such as itslearning. Basic LTI provides a standard way to integrate external learning tools, using a directional permissions push from the LMS to Panopto. Though some may refer to this as SSO, it is actually where user information, including their rights and permissions, is passed to the Panopto application from the LMS tool link. This allows us to connect to a wide variety of different LMS, but more complex options such as video copy per course would require a custom integration application.

    All that being said, if you'd like to have a more full featured integration with itslearning that includes course copy features, please add that request to our feature requests area. Other customers will be able to upvote this request if they are also using itslearning. https://community.panopto.com/categories/feature-requests

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