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Enable Report that Shows Disk Space used by Individual User & Entire Account.

New Pricing model requires users to consider the pros and cons of storing media elsewhere. Knowing how much storage space is required for any individual's Panopto media will now be important than ever. (Currently, this information is available by submitting a ticket and waiting "up to two weeks" to receive it.) Adding this feature to the dashboard & reports would be very helpful.

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    If you weren't aware, there is a new report available in Panopto: System folder storage.

    It doesn't report based on disk usage but for all folders on your system with videos in them (basically non-empty folders) it will show you:

    Folder Name

    Folder ID

    On-Demand Sessions

    On-Demand Hours

    Recycle Bin Sessions

    Recycle Bin Hours

    Archived Sessions

    Archived Hours

    Oldest Created Date

    Most Recent Created Date

    Unique Viewers

    Most Recent View Date

    Folder Path

    Might be worth checking out.

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    Thanks, Charles. I agree. There is lots of good information in there. We just had a user inquire about how many GB of videos she had stored over the past few years, so she plan to download and store the videos elsewhere. That kind of a report doesn't appear to be available, but it would be welcomed.

    Thanks for your reply! Hope you and yours are happy and healthy!


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