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Pulling Quiz Results out of Panopto through an API

I found the IUsageReporting.GetQuizResultDownloadUrl() method and can get a URL from it, but I'm getting a "403 Forbidden" result on that URL. How do you expect this to be used?

Is there a particular reason this is implemented differently than the GetReport() method which returns the data as an attachment?

Why is this data delivered differently than the usage reports? If quiz results were delivered through the SOAP API like the usage reports then I would be good to go. The URL returned works if I manually put it in the browser after logging into the Panopto site, but when called programmatically it throws a 403 and tells me access is denied.



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    Kevin BaumKevin Baum Panopto Employee

    Hi Jessica,

    You are correct that using the URL returned when calling GetQuizResultDownloadUrl requires the caller to be authenticated to Panopto.

    You can still use the URL programmatically, but will need to get and attach a cookie when making the call to download the quiz results. The IAuth SOAP endpoints have two functions to allow you to get a cookie you can then attach to the call to download the quiz results:

    IAuth.LogOnWithPassword - Retrieves a cookie for an internal Panopto user with their user name and password

    IAuth.LogOnWithExternalProvider - Retrieves a cookie for a user from an external Identity Provider

    Both of these functions will take in the user's credentials, and will return a cookie in the response headers.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.



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