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Drop box folder creation

Hi, we have developed a Moodle assign submission plugin to use Panopto as a way to submit videos in an assignment. It uses the Panopto block plugin for Moodle (block_panopto) and its SOAP API.

We are looking for a way to automatically create the dropbox folder for a course. Its the special folder in which students will upload their videos and can view only their own videos and not the ones from other students. Is there a way to create this folder using the SOAP API ? There doesn't seem to have any function for that. I can create a regular folder using the AddFolder function or check if a folder is a dropbox folder using the IsDropbox function but nothing like a AddDropboxFolder.

I know Panopto is developing a Moodle plugin for students to submit Panopto videos and it is using an external LTI tool for that purpose. This plugin does create the special dropbox folder when the Panopto panel is shown after clicking on the Add Video button. Is that the only way we could achieve the dropbox folder creation ?

Thank you,



  • Kevin BaumKevin Baum Panopto Employee


    You are correct, we do not have an API endpoint that can be used to create dropboxes at this time. I would recommend using the Panopto Student Submission Activity for Moodle for student video submission, since it will already take care of creating the assignment and submission folders. We have more information on this activity, and how to use it, on our support site:

    How to Enable Student Submission for Moodle

    If you want to automatically create dropboxes for all Moodle courses when they are provisioned, you can also modify a setting on the Moodle Identity Provider in Panopto.

    Go to System -> Identity Providers, and find your Moodle provider. Click on the Edit button for that provider, and ensure that the check box labeled "Automatically create assignment folder" is checked. When this box is checked, a dropbox will be automatically created for any new Moodle courses which are provisioned in Panopto.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.



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