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Interest in Sharing Out Course Copy v2 Findings (option: CCv2 manual)?

Hi everyone,

We are working with support through a change that happened with the Jan 8 change (we think?) that led to our Course Copy getting turned off in the identity provider settings.

As a result of this, we're moving up our plans to enable and test Course Copy v2 in our production environment. I did a brief write-up this morning working through the options. Here is what I came to and shared out with our campus team:



I’m inclined to recommend the following:

  1. Continue leaving “copy Zoom” and “copy Scheduled Recording” to FALSE
  2. Keep auto provisioning to TRUE
  3. Enable “Manual Copy”

I would then recommend that we:

  1. Create a list of testing questions. I have some. 
  2. Update KB documentation accordingly. I’ll personally oversee what goes into services.dartmouth.edu in consultation with Tammie and Oleg. 
  3. Test our own use cases across respective areas and report our observations, issues, and concerns. 

My rationale:

  • I feel this way because we ultimately need to test this in production to actually understand how it behaves.
  • Manual at first glance gives us the most combination of expected behaviors and control.
  • Can turn that on first and test (and document).
    • If we like it, leave it on.
    • If it doesn’t work – we can then do “Auto”
  • Seems fairly low risk because people don’t realize that you can copy in Panopto to begin with. If they’re linking with deep linking it already works.
  • I’ve heard zero complaints from anyone about this.

My Analysis of The Options

I updated my analysis to include what I’ve learned from support and others. We ended up picking "Manual" for the time being.

Auto CCv2


  • If performed correctly, it happens automatically. 
  • Creates a Panopto folder of materials for the course from the past course folder.
  • Auto excludes the option to copy zoom recordings and scheduled recordings.
  • Best from a compliance standpoint.
  • Updates deep links to new reference copies (if in that source course folder)
  • Updates all sessions found in original course folder to be reference copies


  • Risk of Canvas Course Copy interfering
  • Which course does it pair?
    • What happens if multiple imports are logged?
  • Happens mysteriously in the background as soon as they click through the Panopto Video link on the left nav in Canvas.
  • Would need to disable auto provisioning of folders to work.


  • Which “copy” does it pick if someone has imported from multiple courses in the Canvas Course Copy?

Manual CCv2


  • User controls when and how the course copy occurs. 
  • Doesn’t impact accessibility of existing deep links. Links are updated to new reference copy upon the copy operation. - need to verify
  • See below. Will still test
  • We can keep Auto Provision Folders set to TRUE
  • Updates all “copies” (found in original course folder) to be reference copies


  • Users are prompted to include Zoom and Scheduled Recordings in settings.
  • Not sure if this is good or bad. Might help with edge cases.
  • Someone might choose to just check off all of the options


CC v1 (past default)

  • In my mind this is a non-starter. The risk of students gaining access to past student identities, participation, etc. – brings back something we didn’t like in the past version and something we wouldn’t want to continue.
  • Deep links would point to the original


This is what’s currently on if we do nothing.

  • I believe that it would allow for the creation of a Panopto course folder, but nothing would be copied short of doing a manual bulk copy of the folder contents from one folder to the next.
  • Deep links would still work and be linked to the original.
  • It wouldn’t update the deep link embeds to new reference copies. At that point the problem is similar to Course Copy v1 with lacking a clean copy for the new course.


If you are interested in some of my testing results once we enable it -- or have specific things you're thinking about, I'll attempt to incorporate it and share it out.

I'm also glad to share our documentation if that's helpful.



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